About the Album

Essentially a singer-songwriter album, the debut called “Black Sheep” is a tribute to Danny’s transition from one country to another via many places he visited as a musician. The theme is captured in the album artwork and probably most present in the lyrics of “Going Home”, a ballad telling the tale of being “in-between different homes”.

Another prominent topic are family ties in all their beauty and sometimes inevitable difficulty. “White Greyhound”, “Rainy Day” and “Shine”, along with “Listen” arguably the strongest and most vivid tracks on the album, all connect to this in one way or another. Proving himself an attentive, sometimes apologetic, sometimes fascinated and sometimes angry observant of human nature and the stories entwined in the history of generations, Danny treats the subject emotionally but never sentimentally, energetically and always with a strong focus on hope, love and reconciliation.

The two more upbeat, happy and clearly Johnny Cash-inspired country songs “Neverland Town” and “Without” provide the counterpoint to these, embracing and celebrating life and happiness.

A lot of consideration was given to the arrangements of each song. Recorded partly in Berlin at Lowswing Studio, partly in Nashville, each instrument lends a voice to one of the motives present in the tracks. Danny’s closest ally in bringing the bittersweet nostalgia of “Rainy Day” and “Going Home” to life while moving it towards a present where past shadows are overcome is Sara Thögersen, whose powerful backing vocals and fiddle playing make for a large part of these two songs’ sonic splendor.

In “Shine”, it is the sparse and perfectly timed piano of Galway artist Sinead Hayes which underlines and highlights the words. Banjo, Dobro and Pedal Steel tracks recorded in Nashville make for the characteristic “twang” and the easy, summer-breezing happy-go-luckiness of “Neverland Town” and “Without.”

“Black Sheep” is doubtlessly the kind of intimate and personal album it takes many other artists years to work up the courage to make. It was recorded in November 2015 and February 2016 and mixed and mastered by Florian von Keyserlingk, another long-term musical companion of Danny’s. “Listen” was written by his best friend Michael McGrath, so the album is somewhat of an “extended family” production. It is available on CD and as digital download from all known online stores from July 1, 2016.